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Natural, Environmental or Woodland Burial Grounds.


The  choice of a final resting place can be a very important  decision that one has to make.

   Many people feel dissatisfied with the formalities of traditional cemeteries and would

   prefer an alternative.  We can offer that alternative, an alternative, which is in harmony

   with the environment. This is a natural burial.

Natural burial grounds are cemeteries that are managed in such a way as to create an informal

   nature rich site. They may be full of wildlife and flowers, but they are areas of outstanding

   beauty.  Trees  can be planted as opposed to headstones, bird boxes placed in woodland and

   some areas are meadows full of wild flowers and grasses. They are so many ways in which a

   loved one can be remembered.


Burial areas to choose from:-


Memorial tree areas. In these areas you have the option of planting a tree on the grave. There are

    A choice of native trees to choose from. They have been carefully selected  to benefit the

   wildlife and they reflect the species that are natural to the area. Planting a tree  will enhance the

   country side and provide a lasting memorial for generations to come.

Meadow areas are being developed between the woodland areas. The combination of the two

   habitats provides a haven for a variety of plants and animals. Wild flower seeds have been sown

   to establish these areas.

Woodland areas are a blend of native trees that have been planted over graves to create a

     natural woodland for the Midlands. A lasting legacy for generations to come.


Coffin Choice:-


The coffin choice is by no means limited to cardboard coffins, although these are recommended.

   Bamboo, banana leaf, water hyacinth and wicker coffins are also available.










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